Tuesday, October 2, 2012

~* Cinderella Got Her Ball Gown *~

Actually, she got 2.

My mom and brother came to visit this past weekend, and we all (Prince Charming included) decided to go dress shopping. We have our first Military Ball together in a few weeks, and I was not government-issued an appropriate dress. I do have a slightly unusual problem when it comes to shopping for formal dresses- many of them are lower cut, and I have a tattoo in the center of my chest. The hubs said it doesn't bother him, but I want to look nice and not be a reason for any unpleasant gossip in his direction. So, shopping was a bit of a nightmare.

I had promised the hubs that I could find a nice dress for less than $100, too. I'm a helluva bargain shopper, and since I don't have a very long client list yet, I always feel guilty for spending money. I had taken on a pretty insane mission.

We had decided to try the mall first. I don't mind altering a dress a little if it's not a perfect fit off the rack, and the hubs and my brother wanted to look for some things anyway. First stop was JCPenney. By the way, I will NEVER be shopping in Penney's again. I had taken 4 or 5 dresses into the dressing room. The hubs, my brother, and mom all waited inside the doorway at the end of the hall. Well, security told my husband that he had to leave because men weren't permitted inside the dressing room area. My brother got offended because they were only speaking to my husband, and I got upset because the area wasn't gender-specific, and because I didn't want to have to walk all the way down the hallway, leaving my personal belongings unattended. Plus, they were just very rude about it.

On to Belk. I had never been in a Belk store before, but it's just another department store. Just another department store where I hit the jackpot. Ok, let me clarify- we had ventured in and put a dress on hold, wandered into Sears, went back to Penney's (the dressing room thing happened on the 2nd trip), then back to Belk. So, back to Belk to pick up the dress we had put on hold. I wanted to scour the racks a second time to be sure I wasn't missing anything. I ended up taking 4 dresses, plus the one I had placed on hold, into the dressing room. 3 black dresses were dismissed by the general consensus as "eh, nice but not WOW". Then I stepped into a royal blue, one-shoulder Ralph Lauren number that had a $180 price tag. I got goose-bumps as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Holy crap, I look amazing.

Then I put the on-hold dress back on. It's also a one-shoulder number. It's pink and silver and very barbie-doll-like and the hubs loves it. I like it, but not as much as the blue one. SO....turns out the pink one is 50% off the 50% off that is already marked on the ticket....from $200 to $25!!! The Ralph Lauren was 50% off, plus 15% off for some sale that day...so $76!!! The hubs decided to just get both and we can decide later, and paid (after tax) $108 for both!!! Looks like Cinderella is now equipped for 2 balls, folks (get your mind out of the gutter). Prince Charming is pretty amazing.

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