Thursday, June 9, 2011

~* Yet Another Unhappy Hump Day *~

Damn, Wednesdays are just not my day, it seems.

Yesterday started out really well. I got up at 5am, made the hubby some breakfast and sandwiches for lunch, played with the dog, got myself ready, and went to work. I had a slow day at work, but I was still in a pretty good mood. Then Mr. M asked if I wanted him to pick me up from work. He had carpooled to work with the neighbor upstairs, and they got done early. So I said yes, of course. I was almost done my closing duties, and I had expected to be finished by the time they arrived.

But I wasn't. I ran into some problems that took a little time to fix. Mr. M got impatient, and apparently so did the neighbor. I told the hubby that if he was in that much of a hurry, he could leave and I'd just take the damn bus because I couldn't leave my job unfinished. Well...he was in that much of a hurry, I guess, because damned if they didn't leave me. And it figures that I was ready to go 2 minutes later. My kinda luck. So I got stuck waiting around for 45 more minutes for Mr. M to come back and pick me up. We spent the majority of the evening giving each other the silent treatment. But, again to his credit, he was willing (and ABLE!) to sit down and talk things over with me. We're ok today, but I really have to find a way to stop wasting the precious little time I get to spend with him.
" Don't place your better days in the future."