Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~* To BAH Or Not To BAH...*~

That is the question. Well, we got an answer...although not the one we wanted. Mr. M won't start receiving his BAH until the 30th. Not great news, but at least it will be here in time for the next round of bills. I don't understand how they figure that stuff out- the neighbor upstairs got married 2 weeks after we did, but he got his BAH this week. Anyway, it's too early to start complaining. It's on its way.

But, I do feel bad for Mr. M. My birthday is next week, and without having that extra income, I don't want to ask for anything. Well, truth be told, there's not a whole lot that I really want anyway. After the last year and half of my life, I've learned to live off the basics. "What do I want?" turned into "What do I need?", and I haven't really snapped out of that. I don't need much. But we did start a "hint cup" for birthdays and holidays and the like, and I have put a few "hints" in it, and now I'm feeling guilty about it. Damn Catholic guilt. All I really really really want is dinner, cake, someone else to do the dishes, and a good night with the hubby =)

Anyway, seeing as how it's Wednesday again...happy hump day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

~* Making Monday My Bitch *~

So, I'm always hearing about how tired and sore Mr. M is because of the physical stresses of his job. Now, I completely understand that his job is a lot more physically demanding than my own, but hearing about it constantly makes me feel thisbig. So I decided to do something about it.

Now, I'm not in bad shape, but I'm not in great shape either. I've been smoking for 7 years, and I just quit 3 days ago. Really quit. I haven't had a single one since Friday night. We don't have a scale, but I'd guess I'm about average weight for my height- not chunky, but not skinny. I walk a mile to and from the bus stop on days that I work, but I couldn't run that mile without feeling like I was dying. So, there's room for improvement.

Today is Day #1 of The Best Me I Can Be Challenge (I just came up with that). With some motivation from my Hulk of a hubby and some direction from Jillian Michaels, I am determined to just better myself all around. The smoking thing isn't really bothering me, and I enjoy eating healthy already...but damn, Jillian kicked my ass with my first workout in a loooooooong time this morning. But it feels good. And I know that when I finish this 30 day program, I'm going to look and feel a LOT better, and maybe then Mr. M won't see me as just a wimpy, delicate girl anymore. I have an inner badass and in a month, she'll be here for everyone to see =)

I'm attaching a few pics of me today. Hopefully, I'll see some changes soon!

" Don't place your better days in the future."