Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~* Finally Alone With My Thoughts *~

Whew! Today is the last of my 4-day weekend, and I finally get to enjoy my alone time. Don't get me wrong- I had a fantastic weekend- I just haven't had any time to myself yet. Saturday, Mr. M got done a 24hr duty at 9am, and surprised the hell out of me by not going to sleep. We watched a movie and went to our friends' house for a drama-free barbeque. Sunday, we did a little random shopping and just enjoyed spending the entire day in each others' company. Yesterday, he got to come home after PT because of the 24hr duty, so we went to the gym together, cooked a yummy dinner, and again, just enjoyed being with each other. We've been clicking really well lately, and I love it. I hope I didn't just jinx it.

Work has been interesting. Once we figure out if we would be able to live on his money alone, I'm planning to have the "manager" conversation with my bosses. When I was first hired, they told me that they would come to me in 2-4 weeks for an evaluation and the possibility of my being made a manager, with a salary. Needless to say, that conversation hasn't happened yet. But it's time. I had 94.5 hours in my last paycheck, I had to train the new girl (who may not be great, but apparently she made it all weekend without a major problem), I'm in charge of the schedules, and now I'm supposed to be handling the beer order. I think I deserve more than $2.55 per hour for this. But we need to know if his pay would support us just in case they say no.

I have also been contemplating making a HUGE change to my life and joining the Army myself. Mr. M, bless his heart, doesn't like the idea as my husband, but as my friend he is willing to acknowledge that it may be what I'm looking for. I've kicked myself in the ass for 10 years for not joining right out of high school just to be rebellious. Both of my parents pushed too hard. And now, here I am, pushing 30, with no real direction in life. I don't wanna be a waitress forever, I don't have time or money to go back to school, so...this is an option. Problem- I can't run to save my damn life. I'm trying tho. I'm starting to use the treadmill at the gym, and I've decided that if I can get to a decent time, I'll go see a recruiter in October when my probation is up. That's all I've decided so far.

" Don't place your better days in the future."