Wednesday, October 3, 2012

~* Out And About *~

My mom and brother came to visit over the past weekend. Aside from the fact that the family time was awesome and much-needed, it gave the hubs and I a chance to get out and about a little bit. I never realized how little we actually do outside of the house- there are a bazillion places around here that we haven't ever been to and things we haven't seen.

So, we went to dinner on Friday, after they got checked in to the hotel. We didn't go anywhere new. Actually, we stuck with a good favorite- Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill. Yum! Then we treated TCBY for dessert. Growing up in Delaware, we had TCBYs, but it was so much different as children. Now, it's like a fro-yo buffet.

Saturday, we went downtown and saw the new Veteran's Park and the Airborne Museum. I don't know why, but I had never been there, and the hubs hadn't been since the park opened. They did an amazing job with the park...I got goosebumps more than once. The Museum was a really cool thing to go see. It's run entirely on donations, so don't be a jerk if you go- give them a couple of dollars. They did a beautiful job. There are paratroopers hanging from the ceiling, Little Birds with soldiers jumping out of them, and tanks with cans of Pringles. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Since we were downtown, we decided to go check out the Folk Festival around the corner from the Museum. That would have been a blast if we had had more time- there were little vendor stations set up all the way around Festival Park, with food and goodies from all over the world. All we really got to sample was pizza and fried plantains, but there was a ton of yummy smelling stuff! We saw a guy from Australia playing wooden spoons, some Native American dancing, and some African dancers (btw, they looked like they were having the most fun of all).

Saturday night, we went to Gillis Hill Farm for some homemade ice cream. I had read about the farm in the newspaper a while back, and it's right around the corner from our house, but we just hadn't been. It's a tiny building, and they're only open 3 days a week for 6 months of the year- but the ice cream was AMAZING!! My brother and I both got cones of pumpkin ice cream, the hubs got mint chocolate chip, and my mom got vanilla. The cones were fresh- I think they might have been homemade too, and it was so nice to just sit in little white rockers on the front porch of the building eating ice cream with my family.

Sunday, before the mall expedition, we all went on post to check out the Special Warfare Museum. The hubs and I had been there once before- last year on Memorial Day- but only half of the Museum had been open. We were anxious to see the other half, and we were not disappointed. It's really cool to go through the centuries of changes in warfare, and to see what the SF guys go through.

So, the entire to point to this rambling post is that if you haven't had a chance, go see some of the cool stuff around post!!

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