Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~* No Rest For The Working Class *~

So, the hubs is on leave. And we haven't left. And we aren't going to. And I feel kinda bad about it.

I don't feel terrible about it. The fact that we aren't leaving means people have the "opportunity" (sarcasm included) to come visit us. That's why my mom and brother came to visit, and that's why the in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow. My mom has been to visit twice before, but this is the first time the in-laws are coming to visit. I think the hubs needs that, he needs to know that his family thinks he's worth the trip.

But we couldn't have gone anywhere anyway. Aside from the fact that the roommate and his screaming toddler would have probably burned our house down (no joke, he forgot to turn the oven off last night), I can't afford to take time off from work yet. I don't have a very large client list, but I need to maintain and grow the one I have. So I've just been working like normal, while the hubs has been working around the house. He's fixed a few things with my car, done plenty of yard work, helped pick out and move some furniture, cleaned a little around the house, and started to settle in.

Not that he hasn't had time for some drinks and video games. There's been a good bit of that, but I feel like he hasn't had a chance to relax. And I just never relax. But we both need some "couple" time to just RELAX. I'm trying to work out a weekend getaway for his birthday next month, but he might not even get to be home for his birthday. He's supposed to be going to WLC, which takes 3 weeks, sometime toward the end of this month. But he's also supposed to be getting some kind of surgery on a vein before that- he's at the doc getting a CT scan right now, actually. Then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are never times to relax, and Airborne School. Maybe, if I'm really lucky, we'll have some time to relax sometime in 2013.
" Don't place your better days in the future."