Friday, May 3, 2013

~* The New Average *~

I saw a post on FaceBook yesterday from ABC News that H&M clothing stores are now using a plus-sized model. This model is depicted in a 2piece swimsuit, is said to be a size 12, and is said to be a "normal-sized" woman. This is what average in our society has become. Have you seen this picture?

I read through the comments regarding to this picture. The majority of them were along the "Finally, a real woman" or "at least she's healthy, not skin and bones" lines.


How can you misconstrue this obesity as healthy?? This girl has a gorgeous face, but she is at least 30% body fat. If she is 180lbs, that means 60lbs of her body is pure fat. 30% is obese. Not healthy. High risk for diabetes and heart disease. And sadly, the new average.

Fashion and society have adapted to accommodate the laziness and vanity of our physically growing population, and it's disgusting. It happens in so many aspects of life- second example that comes to mind is the new means of grading for the majority of students these days. Just pass them so they don't feel stupid or left out. Well, folks, some kids aren't all that bright. Harsh, but true. Some parents don't put in the work, some kids don't put in the work, some teachers don't put in the work- it all leads to the same end. Dim kids.  Just as some women aren't healthy and attractive. Same kind of truth.

Why is it so out of vogue to show physically fit women as models? These aren't just fashion models, these are role models for young girls, and shouldn't a role model be someone who puts in effort and takes care of the only body they are given? Not overweight, or underweight for that matter. I'm not at all saying girls should be self conscious or anything that may lead to low self esteem or an eating disorder. I'm just saying that it shouldn't be a bad thing to advertise health and effort and hard work.

Did you know sizing now is different than it was in the past? Sizes are at least 2 inches larger now than they were 20 years ago. Marilyn Monroe may be a size 14 by today's standards, but in her time, she was a size 8. This is the kind of adaptation that I mean. Sizing to accommodate vanity. Nobody wants to take care of themselves, but nobody wants to be classified as fat either. You can't have your cake and eat the whole damn thing. Well, you can, but you shouldn't be able to still be called a size 6 when you're done.

***disclaimer- this is my blog, and therefore, my opinion.
" Don't place your better days in the future."