Thursday, November 1, 2012

~* Dressing Up As Lazy for Halloween? *~

I don't feel like going into my personal issues today, but I feel like I need to blog a little. So, allow me to vent about Halloween.

I had a few late clients last night, so I was not planning on being home for the trick-or-treat crowd. I had a few cancellations, so I stuck around the gym to workout and waste some time. I turned into my neighborhood around 7:15pm and ran right smack into a freakin' traffic jam.

Now, when I was a kid- a little kid- my parents walked with us from house to house to collect candy. Of course, our neighborhood had sidewalks, which strangely, this one does not. But my parents would NEVER have wasted gas money driving us from one house to the next. Apparently tho, that's the thing to do now.

So, I pull into the neighborhood right into headlights in my eyes. There are cars parked on both sides of the street, forcing me to crawl up the narrow middle of the road. Problem here being that with the headlights in my eyes, I can't see the kids dressed in black as goblins or witches or whatever, playing in the middle of the damn road. And then, there are the kids that don't care that I'm operating a motor vehicle- they will walk directly out in front of me anyway. I have never been more relieved to pull up into my own driveway without blood on my car in my life!

I guess my point here is this: Parents, if you're going to let your kids knock on strangers' front doors, in the dark, and accept their candy...maybe you should hold their hand while they're doing it.
" Don't place your better days in the future."