Monday, April 23, 2012

~* Skype-vs- Facebook- vs- Phone Calls *~

Which is better??

Skype is awesome because I get to actually SEE the hubs. When he has a minute to sit in front of his computer. I also get to see some of the other people he's over there with, which I guess is kinda cool. Downside- they can all see me too. So, when I'm looking gross after a workout or tired, in my PJs ready for bed, or stuffing my face with dinner...yeah, everyone sees that. The crappy connections get kinda frustrating too. And it seems to never fail, the hubs gets on Skype, we start to talk, then one of two things happens: 1) he is actually too busy to really have a conversation OR 2) we run out of things to talk about *gasp*. I know, it's weird, but it happens. We've agreed to only Skype about once a week.

Facebook Messaging is freakin' awesome, because we can have a steady continuous stream of conversation without having to drop everything else we are doing. He can be talking with multiple other people, and I can be making dinner or studying. It's also a lot easier to have a multi-purpose conversation that way, because you're never interrupting each other. And it's so nice to have sweet words and "I love you"s in black and white to go back and re-read over and over. I still read the messages we sent each other from his first deployment. It's a nice reminder sometimes.

However, for some bizarre reason, nothing beats a phone call for me. They always come out of the blue, and his voice is my favorite sound in the whole wide world. When he calls, it's not usual for some practical reason, just "hey, I know you're awake and I was thinking about you". Nothing, absolutely nothing (well, besides obviously having him here in person) can beat that.
" Don't place your better days in the future."