Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~* Behind Every Good Soldier *~

I read a quote this morning that went something like this: "Behind every good soldier is a great Army wife...holding his PT belt saying 'Honey, you forgot something'." And it's so true!

I love Mr. M to pieces, but he is so forgetful! Well, I am too, but we're forgetful about different things. I, for example, might forget that it's time for an oil change. He might forget to dispose of the oil after he changes the oil himself. It's just a different set of priorities. This morning, he told me "Don't let me forget my cell phone today". Forget your cell phone?? How is that even possible?? I never talk on the phone, but my phone is permanently glued to my back pockets- for texting, of course. I could never forget my cell phone.

Another one I love- he walks out the front door to leave for work. I get a phone call 30 seconds later that goes like this "Honey, I forgot my beret. Can you toss it over the balcony?". Oh, and the keys!! We wandered around Walmart for over half an hour one day trying to figure out where he left his keys only to find out he left them in the ignition!! It's amusing to write about all of this right now, but let me tell you, it's not nearly as amusing when it's happening. Especially when it comes to bills.

I try to remember that I've been paying all of my own bills a lot longer than he has, naturally, since I'm older than he is. So when I ask him about the extra money in the bank account and he replies "Oh, I forgot to pay my insurance this month", I try not to get upset. It's not hard- I'm usually more bewildered than upset. How do you forget to pay something like that? Especially with all the technology- you can have it paid without even thinking about it, or at least have a digital reminder sent to you- I honestly have a hard time understanding how it's possible to be so forgetful. But, he has a hard time seeing how I forget to turn the oven off sometimes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~* Not So Fast *~

Well, so much for that. I'm not going to the eye doctor today after all. Mr. M told me at 7:30am that he would be able to take me. Then at 9:30am I got a text saying plans changed and the neighbor upstairs would be taking me. Me, being stubborn, decided that I'm just not going. I'm not being passed off on people with no explanation. Dumb move, I know, but I can't help it. I don't like having other people plan out my day with no explanation or input from me. I told you I have control issues. Now I also have vision issues. C'est la vie.

~* I Can See Clearly Now... *~

Well, not just yet, I can't. But I am finally going to the eye doctor this morning. I've had my last pair of 2 week disposable contacts in for the last 2 months- the time has come.

I didn't marry Mr. M for money or for health insurance, but I gotta admit- it's nice to know it's there. However, we both expected the health insurance for me to be a bit more comprehensive. Honestly, we expected it to be the same as it is for him. Actually, for all I know, it is the same. He's not one of those "I need to go to the doctor" types. (Meaning: He's a man) I have never heard of health insurance that will cover an eye exam, but not the part of the exam where they fit you for contacts. I've never heard of health insurance that considers contacts and glasses to be an option, unless you have a separated retina or something extreme like that. Anyone with eyes as bad as mine would know that it is most definitely NOT an option. I've heard of insurance that wouldn't cover the contacts, but never one that splits the eye exam into two separate parts. But at least I get to go, right?

It's tough trying to find a new eye doctor. Or really a new anything down here. I've gotten used to Googling reviews. That's how I found the place that cut my hair last month. They did a good job, but it was pricey. That's also how I found this eye doctor, so wish me luck!
" Don't place your better days in the future."