Thursday, March 7, 2013

~* And I Was Running *~

Thinking of Forrest Gump.

I did it!! I freakin' ran today!!! It was only for 60 seconds at a time, thanks to my C25K app on my nifty iPhone, but it was definitely a run. And it felt amazing. I feel like for the first time in my life, I have a pretty solid grip on my breathing control and belief in my no-longer-smokers-lungs' capacity, so that takes a lot of the scariness out of it. I actually felt like I could have run a little longer than a minute at a time, but I figure these people designed this app with some kind of insider info, and I should probably just trust their judgement.

I couldn't have done it without some incredible inspiration from one of my clients and the genius who helped me pick out my running shoes. I think he was spot-on with the barefoot style- I love them! And he suggested we run this weekend- just a short run- but his support means the world to me. I am such an incredibly lucky person, to be blessed with so many amazing people in my life.

I can't wait for the Run for the Ribbons 5K in 4 weeks, and then the Color Run in Baltimore!! I'm so excited to be going "home", even if just for a weekend!!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

~* Blessed and Grateful *~

I am not a religious person. At all. Even a little bit. 6 years of Catholic school cured me of that. However, last night as I was laying in bed, I was actually moved to tears by the overwhelming love I feel coming in my direction. Ok, part of it may have been PMS, but mostly because I am just so incredibly grateful to feel so much love from and for so many aspects of my life.

I got random Tuesday flowers yesterday. I think that may be the first time I've ever gotten random flowers at all. Just completely out of the blue, to say "Hey, love you (most)". Amazing. See??

After that, I got a text message from a client that reads " I wouldn't be where I am now without you!!! So thanks for all of your hard work and motivation!!". I also got a Facebook message from another client that reads "You are so good and tell the world you deserve more. Gold's Gym would be so much better with more trainers like you. I am so lucky to have gotten you as my trainer."

What these guys don't realize is that I am the lucky one. To have a job that I love- I don't feel like I ever actually work. I absolutely love what I do, and I LOVE seeing the changes and helping people reach their goals. Hell, if I could afford it, I'd do what I do for free!

I truly am a blessed person, and I am so grateful for everything emanating love in my life.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

~* Blog-Blocked *~

I wanted to post yesterday, I really did. But every time I opened the computer, I got blog-blocked by my guilt. I always have Facebook and Pandora open in the background, but I have been really cracking down on my studying. Every time I use the computer, I guilt-trip myself if I'm not studying. And yes, I'm experiencing a little bit of that guilt at this very moment.

I'm working my behind off to get this course finished. It's my Fitness Nutrion Specialist certification through NASM. It's a continuing ed credit, but it also happens to be a whole extra certification. I am so passionate about the nutritional aspect of fitness, and I've discovered that most people really don't understand what their nutritional needs are. However, I am incredibly frustrated with this particular course. It's not broken down to relate to fitness. It's just plain, simple facts about food- macros, micros, and everything in between. Well, not simple, but it doesn't relate to people trying to improve their fitness levels. It basically takes the MyPyramid, breaks it down into pieces, and says "Yep, that's how everyone everywhere should be doing it". Ugh.

So, I'm trying to get it finished ASAP. Then, I can get started on my next course- Senior Exercise Specialist. That should be interesting. I'd like to have a little niche like that. Not what I want to focus on long-term, but it will be nice to have both of these to set me apart at work. And then, I can focus on other things- like my own workouts and blogging- without the guilt.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

~* Changes *~

Change is not always a bad thing.

I just revamped this page some because I needed to change it up. Seeing as how I no longer live in a house with a pair of parade boots (rare in this town, I know), I decided to change the title. It's time to put a little more focus on the positivity in my life, and I think I can do that now.

I had noticed I was starting to post more about my clients, the gym, and my healthy lifestyle in general. So, it just made sense to make the leap and change the format. Hope that's ok with y'all.
" Don't place your better days in the future."