Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~* Stay Calm and Breathe *~

So. This adjustment period is not going smoothly. At all.

The roommate is a slob. My husband is a slob. The roommate's kid is a spoiled brat (not the roommate's fault). I'm caught up in a testosterone tornado and I WANT OUT.

Whoa, not out of my marriage or anything. Just out of the swimming pool of slob I seem to be drowning in.

And it's not just the mess. The hubs seems so negative about EVERYTHING these days. His job. His workouts, The roommate. Even me. And I can't help him, because he has zero interest in talking to me about anything at all. Nothing. At. All.

I feel like we avoid each other. I have tried to stick to my routine. I tried to change it up over the weekend, and got completely frustrated because I didn't get anything done. So, I've decided to stick to what I've been doing because it makes me happy. So, he seems to be home when I'm gone and gone when I'm home. We spent a little time together over the weekend, but it was mostly because we both wanted to get away from the roommate's screaming kid. The strange part is that it's a little irritating that we aren't spending time together, but I don't really mind it. I became very comfortable with my life and where I am while he was gone.

The hardest part to deal with seems to be the sexual stuff. He wants to jump right back into it. He told me he doesn't know how to talk to me about sex, and he doesn't know what turns me on anymore. When I tried to tell him that I want to be wanted on the whole, for more than just sex, he fell asleep. No joke. I was mid-sentence when he started snoring.

All I can do is just breathe. I hope things get better when he gets leave, and finally has some time to get sorted out. I hope someone reads this before going through it all. It's a lot tougher than anyone prepared me for.
" Don't place your better days in the future."