Wednesday, May 2, 2012

~* Care Package Bitterness *~

I know that care packages and bitterness are not supposed to go together. But for me, they kind of do.

I want to send packages as often as possible. I want to stuff them full with as many goodies as possible. I want my husband to have all of the comforts of home. I want him to be happy and taken care of.

The bitterness comes in because I can't do that.

I can't do that for two reasons. The first one being that he won't tell me what he wants or needs. It drives me crazy. Everything he needs, he asks his mom for. He tells me not to spend my money, because she has so much more than we do. I understand that, but it makes me feel helpless and kind of...unnecessary. The second reason is that he is expecting to be moved to a different FOB within the next two weeks. I understand this too. Obviously, if I send something, he might not get it if he leaves. He also said not to send much because he can't take it all with him. Well, that sucks. What about the stuff I've already sent??

And to top it all of, the FRG is having a care package party this weekend. I can't go because I'll be working. But, I wanted to contribute, so I got all kinds of goodies to give the FRG leader. However, as much as I'm wanting to contribute and be a part of it all, I'm a little bitter because none of that will be going to my hubby. He got split, along with a few other guys, from the main body of the unit.

*Sigh* I'm done venting. I need to let this all go before I go to work.
" Don't place your better days in the future."