Friday, April 19, 2013

~* 75 In A School Zone *~

No, not me. I'd never speed in a school zone. I take that pretty seriously.

I just feel like that's how my life is going. I'm moving in with J. Actually, aside from the bigger furniture, I'm all moved in. And I feel like it's too quick.

I love him, I adore him, and on paper, we are freakin' perfect for each other. But, as I was moving boxes from my car into his house, it kinda hit me that I'm not ready for this. Of course, a little too late. I do this kind of thing all the effing time, and I end up in the exact same position- not knowing how to fix it. How the fuck do I bring up that conversation?? "Hey babe, I'm crazy about you and I'm so grateful that you're letting me move in and it's awesome that you're stoked about it, but uh....let's just make it temporary. I'll move out again in a few months, and then, if things keep going well, back in a few months after that, k?" Grrr.

I am so fucking mad at myself, and it's making me be bitchy to him, and I just need to stop.
" Don't place your better days in the future."