Thursday, July 7, 2011

~* Cinderelly, Cinderelly *~

Our apartment is driving me batshit crazy. I've never understood that term- batshit crazy- but I think it probably fits right now.

In terms of square-footage, this apartment is a little larger than my last apartment in Baltimore, which was plenty of space. For me. Singularly. No men, no pets, just me. And when I moved here to NC, that's exactly how I moved- just me. I wasn't planning for that situation to change at all, let alone as quickly as it did. I've realized that that is part of my problem. When I moved, this was MY apartment, and I could set it up and keep it as clean or cluttered as I liked. I have control issues.

I haven't adjusted well to sharing "my" space, I admit it. I like things to be the way I like them. I'm not fantastic at compromise. I'm trying to get better, but it's a process. Mr. M had the cojones to say to me last night "I feel like aside from dishes and laundry, I'm the only one who cleans". That's because it's all your mess, genius. He will go thru the whole place and clean it to shining. Then the next day, he throws clothes, work gear, papers, trash, whatever everywhere! So here's my solution- today, I will CLEAN clean the whole place and I'm gonna put all of his "stuff" in a "Mr. M Lost-and-Found" area. All of his stuff that may or may not be important will go here, so I don't throw anything away that he may need, but it will be out of my way. That's the best compromise I can come up with.

On a different subject- I got to see Charlie Daniels live on the 4th of July on post. We had been at the gym on post, so we were already gross and sweaty, so we figured "Why not get a little gross-er and sweaty-er standing in the sun listening to some awesome music for free?". Little Big Town also played, but we had to get home to the dog before then. Here are a few pictures of the band, which didn't come out great, and of the paratroopers, which was phenomenal.

" Don't place your better days in the future."