Thursday, July 18, 2013

~* I *~

I am 30 years old.
I am 5'5ish, with blonde-ish reddish hair and blue/gray/green eyes.
I am 131lbs (today) with a body fat percentage of 21.6.
I have a love/hate relationship with my family.
I have been engaged 3 times, married twice, and divorced 1 1/2 times.
I am a personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and seniors' fitness specialist.
I am driven by my passion for my job and a never-ending need to succeed.
I will never be good enough for myself.
I love what I do, and if I ever cease to love it, I will do something else.
I may never have children, and that's ok with me.
I get moody.
I get jealous.
I have trust issues.
I am a commitment-phobe.
I am terrified of birds, and drowning, and burning to death, and going blind.
I love music- all kinds, any kind. Well, almost any kind.
I am not religious, but will never tell you you're wrong for your beliefs.
I am both girly and tough.
I am a terrible jump-roper.
I am an awesome baker.
I like to paint.
I love the beach and all things summer-related.
I have no problem letting go. I pack light, and am sentimentally attached to virtually nothing.
I love polka dots.
I think a child's laughter is the most amazing sound in the world.
I hate being cold more than anything in the world.
I will treat you exactly the way you treat me.
I am a lover and a fighter. And a sarcastic bitch.
I will never feel the need to be better than you.
I will always feel the need to be better than myself.

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