Tuesday, July 16, 2013

~* Changes Ahead *~

Wow, it's been a while!! I've been soooooo busy lately, I have completely neglected this blog. I'm sorry.

Work has been insanely awesome, and awesomely insane. Our manager's wife PCS'd to Kansas, so our head trainer took the management position. Leaving li'l ol' me in the head trainer position. It's been great and challenging, my schedule got crazy practically overnight. I'm working, actually putting in effort, a full 9 hours a day now, and I had to start working Fridays again. But this craziness has put me in the incredible position to be able to afford my own apartment!!!

J isn't thrilled about it, but he knows it needs to happen. We had a little heart to heart about it. We haven't been doing so hot, and the longer I stick around, the worse it's going to get. He knows I wasn't ready to be living with someone, it just happened out of circumstances. I told him the truth- my moving out isn't guaranteed to fix things, but it's not going to make them any worse either. So, the big day is in about a week and a half. I'd be moving this weekend, but I'll be in DE, helping the family move into a bigger place so they don't all kill each other (not even exaggerating).

Anyway, gotta get to work. I'll try to get back on track with this thing.

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