Sunday, November 11, 2012

~* It's His Party...*~

Well, it was, anyway. Yesterday. We celebrated the hubs' 25th birthday. Man, I feel old.

The party was kind of a last-minute thing. We had originally planned to take a weekend and go to the beach. You can do that in November in North Carolina. But, I realized that was really something I wanted to do, and we have been running a little light in the bank accounts, so we decided to do something else. We were going to go to the outlets for a day since the hubs does love to shop, and then do dinner at TGIFridays, because that's where we had our first dinner out together. But then he decided he wanted to have "a few people over". Oh, man.

I am not a good hostess. I know this. I accept this. I am extremely comfortable with this. I have no desire to change this. However, I decided to attempt to compromise this time. It's his birthday, after all. The guy deserves a party. So, I agreed with a few stipulations:

2) I wasn't going to clean up ahead of time, and I wasn't going to clean up afterward.
3) Start early, finish early.
4) Keep it outside. I panic about having that many people inside of the house. I don't know why.

Hmm, I think that sounds simple. But it never really is. There were about a dozen or so people. One guy brought his kid. The kid was quiet, but got into everything, and ended up having a free-standing shelving unit fall on his head. At least it was empty. (The shelving unit, not the kid's head). I didn't clean up ahead of time, but I did have to set up because the hubs is ALWAYS running late. I didn't clean up much afterward, but I did have to bring in some of the food that was left outside. We had people here for 7 freakin' hours. Too damn long. It got cold after it got dark, and rude as it may have been, I came inside and got cozy under a blanket for the last half hour. And, for the most part, people did stay outside, but there were a few times when every guy there was in the house- shots, I presume.

I tried. I really did. I just am not a partier. I don't drink much, and people who are drunk get on my nerves. But, I still think things went fairly well. Nobody puked, nobody got a DUI, nobody crashed on the couch, none of our belongings were destroyed or stolen, and the hubs got the party he wanted. Happy birthday babe ;)

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