Monday, October 15, 2012

~* Gettin' Back In The Groove *~

Another successful family visit down!

The in-laws came to visit on Thursday and left yesterday morning, and it has been like Christmas around here. They sure came bearing gifts! They brought some stuff from the hubs' room at their house, stuff for the dog, clothes and a gorgeous dresser for me, and a table for the hubs' garage. They never let us pay for anything, and this weekend wasn't any different. I ate out so much over the weekend that all I really want to do today is eat salad and work out!

Which is a good thing, because I need to get back into my groove. The hubs and I haven't quite been able to click into place yet, but I need to get my own schedule back under control before I start to feel sick. I'm already feeling some physical side effects. It's  pretty crazy much getting thrown off can really affect my body. Some people are good at doing different things at different times of the days, but I'm a creature of routine. I know that sounds terribly boring, but it's true. I usually eat very well and work out regularly, and I get physically sick and really cranky when that changes.The hubs went back to work this morning, and I'm contemplating doing a bikini competition in February, so I'm more than ready to get back into it.

So, this morning started with an oatmeal pancake, clementines, coffee, and chocolate almond milk enjoyed do the soundtrack of the artillery impact zone behind the house. I'm going to do some studying, put my books on my brand new bookshelves (thanks to the in-laws!), and hit the gym. Who said Mondays always have to suck??

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