Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~* Let's Talk About...Anything Else...*~

Anything except the house. Please, let's talk about grass. Or clouds. Or potholes. Anything except this house and the headaches that are going with it.

We got approved for the loan, so I thought that was good news. Apparently, that was just the onset of a continuous migraine. We got approved, but we're not closing when we expected to originally. Actually, we're closing 2 weeks later. Which is BAD news for me, because my help will be here a week before then. So, if the sellers won't let me at least put my stuff in the garage until closing, I may very well be living out of a U-Haul for a week. Yeesh.

I feel so freakin' helpless. I love my realtor. Can't stand the mortgage guy. He keeps asking for more and more documents that I don't have access to. So, I'm stuck playing middle-man between him and the hubs who is 7300 miles and 9.5hours away. I have no power to say or do anything, really. I have him asking for documents, and the hubs asking how it's all going, and I'm just stuck in the middle, wondering if I'm gonna have a place to go. Well, that's a bit dramatic, I guess- I'm sure I'll have somewhere to go, but where the hell am I gonna put all of our stuff??? I have like 10 people lined up to help me move- next weekend- and some of them are coming from good ol' DE to do it. So the stuff is getting moved...but where?

So, I'm FaceBook messaging with the hubs, and he starts going into the house stuff, and with all of this stress I needed a break from that topic. And, thank god, he gets it. He gets me. He's got me. He told me he loves me, he misses me, and asked me what I did today. I love that he knows me well enough to know that by listing what I did, one by one, I would relax. I love that man.

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