Monday, January 16, 2012

~* I'm Not Actually Betty Crocker! *~

So, there's a battery lunch this week. That's interesting. Kind of cool, kind of inconvenient...I'm working nights most of the week, so it's not ideal, but still something to look forward to. Strange that they're planning to grill out in the middle of January, though. And I can't stand the kids that come to these things...nothing against kids in general, but come on people, control them! Everyone has been asked to bring something, and Sean suggested I make my fantabulous PB & J chocolate cupcakes. Ok, no problem. I have everything here that I need to make them anyway, I just needed to get some disposable cupcake tins.

We were in the store yesterday, and I grabbed 4 trays, each of which holds 6 cupcakes. He asks me " How many cupcakes are you making? You do realize this is a battery lunch, right? And there's, like, 120 people in the battery...". Yeah, I know. ..."So...why don't you make some more?".

I may be pretty awesome in the kitchen (if I do say so myself). However, I'm not ACTUALLY Betty Crocker. Not even a distant relative. Everyone is asked to bring something so that everyone has something, not so that everyone has everything! I'm not Jesus feeding the masses! I am one woman, and a pretty busy one at that. I'm taking time out of my already filled schedule to bother to make anything at all, so pleeeeease don't complain about what I'm making or how much of it I'm making. Try to take into consideration the fact that I'm making food for people that I don't really know, for an event that I don't really have time to go to, and that I have to transport all of it myself. How the heck would I transport 120+ cupcakes by myself???

So, with all of that said, if it's not enough...feel free to tie on an apron and hop in the kitchen yourself.

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