Friday, January 20, 2012

~* You're Making Me Blush *~

I got the most unexpected compliment last night at work. It wasn't from a beefy guy or a girl complimenting my chiseled physique (yet!). It was from a girl I work with, but the compliment had nothing to do with my work ethic, stellar customer service skills, or my ability to whip up a wicked smoothie creation. She looked right at me and said "I wish I had your confidence. I have to start channeling my inner you". I was blown away. I still kinda am, actually.

I know I am one of the most confident people I have ever met. I didn't realize that I broadcast it quite so clearly.

It's funny, because I was a terribly shy kid with absolutely zero self confidence. I didn't start coming into my own til I was about 19 and I started working in bars and clubs, and even then, it took a few years to fully develop. Like a reeeeeeeeeallllyyyyy slow-drying Polaroid. The picture was there, but the details were fuzzy for a long time.

This girl at work, I'll call her Jem, is a sweetheart. Not the brightest bulb in the box, and she talks a lot, but she's pure southern-sticky-sweet. A lot of people have picked on her in the short time she has been working at the gym because sometimes she comes across as shallow and dim-witted, and she's not exactly a quick-learner. I think that she is just maybe a little sheltered and naive and young. The thing that blows my mind is that no matter how much she is picked on, she's still sweet to everyone. Maybe it's because she doesn't realize it, but maybe it's just because she really is a nice person. Hopefully, she stays nice. But when she told me she wanted to channel her inner me because she's too shy to have a conversation with a guy, I had to tell her the truth. It comes with age and experience.

Maybe I could learn a little bit from her, too. Maybe I could be a little nicer to people around me. I'm not gonna get my hopes up, but maybe.

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