Thursday, June 23, 2011

~* Failure? *~

So, after my post about the President's plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, I got into a conversation about it with the hubs, and what he had to say has blown my mind.

He doesn't understand why Americans are so supportive of a troop withdrawl. He believes that the troops were sent over there to do a job, and that job has not been completed. He believes that withdrawing the troops is equal to admitting failure. Wow.

This is how I see things- we (USA) wanted to get Osama, and we did. Mission accomplished. Bring the boys home.

He believes our mission is to "westernize" Afghanistan. The trouble is, they don't want to be "westernized". And really, who can blame them? We don't exactly have our shit together these days. But because of their resistance, he believes that we can't settle for teaching them, we need to conquer them, or else we have failed and leave ourselves vulnerable. I am shocked and amazed to hear this opinion from a soldier, and to know that he is not the only one with this mindset. I don't usually get into discussions like this with Mr. M because we very rarely share the same opinion,

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