Monday, February 25, 2013

~* Case Of The Mondays *~

Yep, I've got it. Definite case of the Mondays, and I'm ready for it to be gone. I have a wicked sinus infection. So rough that I cancelled all of my clients today. I hate that shit. I hate not working. Plus, it's only 10am. What the hell am I gonna do with the rest of the day???  I damn sure better feel better tomorrow. I'm going to work anyway.

But I can't complain about being miserable too much today. I had such a great weekend that today never stood a chance. Friday, I went to see J. We went in search of running shoes for me, with no luck. Then we had a quiet night with some James Bond. Saturday, we spent the day in Raleigh. We checked out the Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of History, then went to Brasa, a Brazilian steakhouse, for lunch. Ohmyholyfood! It was amazing.

From lunch, we ventured over to the mall, where I had booked him a massage. Well, I had booked both of us a massage, but 2 of their massage therapists were sick, so I let him have it. He treated me to some hand-made bath bombs from Lush, which smell amazing, and I got my iPhone fixed. We had dinner at a snooty little joint called BuKu, which was not what I expected, but the sushi was delicious. Then we waited for an hour for dessert at the Melting Pot- worth every minute, by the way.

Sunday, I was supposed to take my first Crossfit class, but I woke up with my throat on fire. I'm still disappointed. I really really want to take this damn class. I guess there's always next Sunday. So, instead of getting ready for the class, J made breakfast and we fell asleep on the couch watching some comedy. Pretty perfect Sunday morning, actually.

And now that I've rambled on and documented my amazing weekend for posterity, it's time to get my study on.

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