Thursday, December 1, 2011

~* Monster-in-Law? *~

I used to like my mother-in-law (referred to as MIL from now on). I thought she liked me, too. She's been outwardly supportive of our marriage, she held a get-together for us when we went home in September. She sends us packages in the mail, and always says hi when she's on the phone with Mr. M. And SHE wanted to pay for our actual "wedding" (which, btw, doesn't look like it's gonna happen- thanks, deployment). So, all signs pointed toward "yes, she likes me".

I might have been wrong.

Mr. M told me yesterday that he had called his mom and mentioned that we were looking into buying a house before he leaves. Our lease is up in March, and I'm gonna need to move anyway- it kinda makes sense for us to just buy a place, especially since it looks like we're gonna be stuck here in FayetteNam for a good long while. And we NEED more space! So, anyway, he tells her the exciting news and she is- well, less than excited. She thinks it's a bad idea. Naturally, I ask "Why does she think it's a bad idea? It makes sense". Asking that question was a bad idea.

Apparently, she thinks I'm going to leave Mr. M while he's gone and take everything and leave him with nothing to come home to.

OUCH! Are you kidding me?!?!

Mr. M didn't even stand up for me, mostly because they were both at work when this phone call happened, and he didn't want to fight with his mom in the middle of the work day. I told him that I could understand that, but that he needed to call his mom back and fix this. What she said was insulting, inappropriate, and completely unacceptable. Well, of course he got all upset- at me- because I was insinuating that he wasn't upset about the situation.


That's not what I was doing at all. I just want to make sure that she knows that what she said is not ok. I want my husband to stand up for me. We're supposed to go see her right before Christmas, and stay in her house, and I'm supposed to be able to share support with her while Mr. M is gone- and now I don't feel like I can do any of that. And to top it all off, Mr. M and I went to bed without speaking last night because of the whole situation. Great. There's another typical Wednesday for ya.

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