Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~* Disabilities *~

"The only real disability is a bad attitude"- Scott Hamilton

Strange how true this is. You could be a soldier who lost both legs because of an IED, or a child born with CP, or a woman diagnosed with breast cancer (it is October, after all). But not a single one of these becomes a disability until, and unless, you think of it that way.

I believe people underestimate the power of their own brains. If you can find a way to see the silver linings, and to always count your blessings, and just to remember that things could always be worse- life gets a little bit brighter. It doesn't take a ton of work to think this way, it's just a little re-programming of the thought process. Being more aware of what you think, especially if you're prone to speak first.

At work, we're supporting the Ride2Recovery, a bike ride for wounded vets who bike for therapy. These are guys (and girls, I'm sure) who have lost limbs and senses (some are blind) and comrades, but they're out there trying to build a better life for themselves. We'll be having a few of the guys in the gym over the weekend on their specially-equipped bikes, and I truly hope they provide a little motivation that so many people seem to be lacking these days. I know I'm looking forward to meeting them.

Life is beautiful if you're looking through the right window.

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