Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~* GOYA!!! *~

Get Off Your Ass!!!

This is something my old boss used to drill into my head, and I think he stole it from the movie "Boiler Room". It was used in a sales atmosphere, which comes in handy for my new job, but I'm using it in the most literal sense this morning.

Yesterday, I was a little shocked. I tagged along with one of my co-workers to grab his leads from a lead box at a sporting goods store, and to pick up some pamphlets from various places to order food platters for an event we're having soon. He parked the car closest to the sporting goods store, and the grocery store was 3 stores down. He looked at me and said with complete sincerity "You weren't planning to walk down there, were you?".

Actually, I was. I walk almost three miles round-trip to and from the bus stop every day. 3 stores down is not a big deal to me. Besides that, we're working for a gym, not a car dealership. Geezus, the percentage of the human body that is comprised of pure laziness astounds me sometimes. Granted, I was a lazy lazy lazy kid- sleeping til noon, sitting around reading instead of playing sports, bribing my sister to do my chores for me. But that was when I was a kid, and I didn't need to represent a company's point of view (or get myself around). So grow up, GOYA, and be a good example people!!!

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