Monday, August 29, 2011

~* Hunting Season *~

Job-hunting, that is. I quit my miserable excuse for a job Saturday evening practically at the demand of Mr. M. Don't get me wrong, I was more than happy to quit, but I usually like to be a bit more prepared when I do.

The entire day had been stressful. It had gotten that way a lot recently, since my previous co-worker left and the new one signed on. But Saturday I decided I had had enough. Nothing major, just a lot of little things.

We were open on the day of one of the worst projected hurricanes to hit the Carolina Coast, so my day started kinda lousy. I knew we weren't gonna get much damage, but still. So, I show up for work at 8:30am and wait for my first customer for two hours. When I got there, the new schedule was stuck to my timecard. It had me coming in at 8:30am on Wednesday to clean. I am not fucking Cinderella, and I can't get there that early. AND I've told them I can't get there that early. My co-worker came in at 10am, and she has a speech impediment. That is, nothing impedes her speech. The girl doesn't shut up. Ever.

Now, let me back up a bit. The only reason both of us were at work to begin with on a Saturday (generally a slow day) was that the Infidels were supposed to be having their anniversary run, and they were due to stop in at our place from about 11:30am-1pm, and there was supposed to be about 60 of them. Well, they finally rolled in at 1pm- about 35 of them- and they only stayed about an hour or so. My co-worker started handling them wrong from the get-go, and I could tell she was upsetting the poor cook. So I stepped in and delegated, and I have to say, things went pretty smoothly from there. When things calmed down, I went to talk to the she-owner about a few things. 1) I brought up the schedule. Oh, don't worry, she and my co-worker had that figured out before she finished the schedule. EXCUSE ME?!?! 2) I expected to be paid more than waitress salary if I was coming in an hour and a half early to play maid. 3) My co-worker was NOT going to take half of my tips that day because she wasn't waitressing. Ok, done. So I go back out, and as I'm taking my first breath since the Infidels left, he-owner comes up to me and says "Standing around again, huh? Doing what you do best." WTF?!?! Even if that was meant as a joke, it's not funny, and it damn sure is not how you talk to an employee who has busted her ass for you without so much as a please, thanks, or good job. The final straw was that she-owner said he-owner wanted to inspect my clean-up before I left. I haven't been inspected in 2 months, and I felt like I had just been demoted. I was so mad, I was red and shaking, but I did it.

When Mr. M picked me up, I conveyed the story of my day, and he practically demanded that I quit. I wanted to quit, but I also wanted to have a backup plan. I hate not having a backup plan. I'm a planner- I like to know that things are gonna be ok. He said he would support me either way, but that I deserved to be treated better. And he's right. I am a damn hard worker, and I DO deserve to be treated better. So, it's Monday morning, and I'm sipping coffee decided whether to go to the pool or paint today. Maybe I'll do both.

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