Monday, July 11, 2011

~* Monday Again *~

Holy crap, we finally had a good weekend =) We had a little, um, disagreement yesterday afternoon, but it was all in all a great weekend! I'm so excited and relieved to be able to say that!!

Let's re-cap. Well, Friday night was pretty uneventful and there really isn't much to talk about. We found out that Army insurance isn't nearly as awesome for spouses as it is for the sponsor, and that's about it. No, nothing major went wrong. I just need to make an eye appointment ASAP so I can order new contacts. Apparently, insurance for me will cover the exam, but not the contact fitting or lenses. Weird, but ok.

Saturday, I worked until 2pm, and we were planning to go to the gym when I got done. Mr. M came up to get lunch about an hour before my shift was over, so he called up his friend B and B's wife S to come keep him company. S is a really cool chick- she's also older than her man, so we're kind of on the same page. Unfortunately for her, she is about 4 months pregnant. So Mr. M, B, and I wound up sitting around for a few hours after my shift just drinking and eating and talking. Well, the guys did most of the drinking. I felt bad for S, having to watch pitcher after pitcher disappear, but she's a good sport and we got along pretty well.  But we didn't get to the gym. Saturday night, Mr. M and I ventured back to Lucky's for the first time since the shooting, but we didn't like the bartender, so we only stayed for one drink each. Then he literally fell asleep kissing me. Like actually on my face. Poor guy was so tired.

Yesterday was a good good day. I got up nice and early and made veggie omelets and blueberry muffins for breakfast, and we did get to the gym. My workout tried to kick my ass, but I put it in its place =) I felt sooooo good afterward. Hell, I'm still feeling good. I've been working out for almost a month I guess, and I can feel the changes in my body more than I can see them. I have more energy, my PMS has been virtually nonexistent this month, I have more confidence (which I didn't think was even possible), and I get to bond with my man. I've lost an inch on my waist, too =)

Before we went to the gym, we went shopping. I don't know if you've noticed my links, but I'm a member of Soldiers' Angels (, and I recently adopted my first soldier. Being that Mr. M knows what it's like to be deployed, I told him about it and got him to go shopping for care package supplies with me. He's been so supportive of the idea, and he came up with some really awesome care package gifts. It was actually his idea for me to join the site, back around Thanksgiving, and I've been sending letters overseas ever since. If you've ever wanted to contribute, but haven't been sure how, check out the site. There are so many "teams" you can join! I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but when I was stuck in my apartment in Baltimore with nobody to talk to and no way of getting anywhere, this saved my life, so I'm a HUGE fan.

Anyway, I feel the ADD setting's a picture of the newest me, taken yesterday morning before the gym. Can't see much difference, but I feel it =) Thanks Jillian Michaels and Mr. M!!

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