Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~* Better Late Than Never, Right? *~

Wow, I just realized that I've never really introduced myself. No wonder nobody ever reads this =) So, being a little worse than fashionably late- please allow me to apologize, and introduce myself old-school myspace style. Enjoy!

Name: Jen
Age: 28 (which is ancient in an Army town, with a younger lower-enlisted soldier hubby)
Gender: if you haven't figured that out, please stop reading now
Status: happily married to Mr. M, age 23
Hometown: born in Newark, DE, but I call Baltimore "home" since I spent my adult life there
Current town: Fayetteville, NC
Job: server/bartender
Parents still together?: Not since I was about 5
Siblings: brother and sister, 1 younger of each. 4 older half-brothers.
Pets: chihuahua named Gus
Smoker?: Not anymore!! 2 1/2 weeks smoke free!!
Drinker?: yes, but not as much as I used to. Learned my lesson the hard way.
Hair: blonde-ish red-ish
Eyes: blue/gray/green depending on the day
Height: 5'4" on my good days
Vision: still lousy with contacts
Freckles: tons
Shoe Size: 6, or a 4 in kids
Piercings: nose and ears. I've had tons more, but they just didn't work out
Tattoos: 10 (for now)
Best Feature: eyes
Worst Feature: skin - I still break out like a teen hitting puberty
Look more like Mom or Dad?: maybe both, maybe neither. I can't tell.
Favorite Color: silver
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Animal: baby giraffes
Favorite Flower: hibiscus
Favorite Food: anything seafood, especially steamed crabs
Favorite Ice Cream: soft-serve chocolate with butterscotch topping
Favorite Candy: Skor bars and Laffy Taffy
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: mostly beer. margaritas. lime rum and coke.
Favorite Non-: good ol' H2O
Favorite Musical Genre: depends on the day. I like it all.
Favorite Book: Farenheit 451
Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz
Favorite TV show: Jeopardy
Favorite Season: summer
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Sport: Football
Can you drive?: technically, yes. legally, no. DUI last year- haven't had the money to pay the fines yet.
Can you speak another language?: Sarcasm counts, right? I'm fluent.
Did you do well in school?: yes, very
Do you collect anything?: not intentionally
Do you have any obsessions?: life
Do you have any regrets?: not exactly, but there are a few things I would change if I could
Do you ever smile for no reason?: all the time
Do you support gay marriage?: 100%
Do you trust easily?: strangely, yes
Do you forgive easily?: that depends on the person
Do you get along with your parents?: for the most part
How do you vent your anger?: in my blog =)
What are your fears?: birds, drowning, going blind, fire
What are your goals?: get my license back, travel a bit, be a good wife, be a good person in general, get        back to school, take a vacation....
What are your weaknesses?: I'm easily distracted, I tend to only see the good in people, I'm a dreamer
What are your strengths?: I'm a dreamer, an optimist, and I stand by my beliefs
What do you wanna be when you grow up?: a kid again
Are you:
a daydreamer?: absolutely
shy?: not at all
talkative?: if I have something to say
energetic?: somedays
happy?: yes, more than most people
depressed?: no
funny?: some people think so
boring?: possibly
mean?: no
nice?: I try to be
caring?: yes
trustworthy?: yes
confident?: incredibly
friendly?: I think so
smart?: not as smart as I used to be, but yeah
sarcastic?: oh yeah
dependable?: definitely
mature?: when I need to be
religious?: not so much
logical?: only when it's necessary
outgoing?: yeah
daring?: sometimes
lazy?: no, not at all
optimistic?: oh yeah
persuasive?: I could sell ice to an eskimo
curious?: about everything!
artistic?: well, I'm creative...artistic implies some level of talent
respectful?: very
hot-headed?: nope
romantic?: not as much as I wish I was
ambitious?: yes, but my ambitions change daily
jealous?: nope

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