Monday, May 16, 2011

~* Time Flies *~

 So, I was slapped in the face yesterday morning with the reality that May is half over. That means that June's rent, electricity, and cable bills will all be due in 2 weeks. ( I don't know how every single one of my bills is due between the 1st and the 5th). Mr. M hasn't started receiving BAH or BAS yet because apparently someone higher up dropped the ball with the paperwork approvals. I dunno. I don't really understand it, but I know I'm panicking. Hopefully, it will all come in with his next check so he doesn't need to take out a loan just to pay bills. I'm not gonna hold my breath, but my fingers are crossed. And it's rough, because I feel like a failure because I can't cover it all by myself anymore. It's a weird feeling sometimes, to realize that I have gone from being a fully self-sufficient girl to half of an equal partnership. But only half, no more and no less.

On the plus side, we did finally make it to the grocery store last week and we have a fully stocked refrigerator for a while =) And we've been getting along a LOT better, no more bickering. I think that with me working, maybe we have both realized that if we're not getting much time together, the time we have should be better spent. Whatever it is, I truly believe that I am a lucky lucky girl.

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