Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~* Happy Hump Day? *~

Ha, if I'm lucky. Mr. M had to report for formation at effing 4am this morning, which means he had to get up at 2:30am to take the dog out and get ready. And I know he was NOT in a good mood about getting up, and while he was taking time getting ready, the dog shit on the floor ( I keep telling him to take the dog out right away when he wakes up). So...tonight should be interesting. Hopefully a yummy dinner and a few beers will help.

I miss the physical aspect of our relationship. Not just the sex, but all of it. Kissing, cuddling, the whole nine yards. He's so worn out when he gets home, and I'm so busy with dinner and dishes and laundry. It's like as soon as dinner is done, he falls asleep. And I can't even really be mad about it, not with the crazy hours he's had to work this week. I'm just craving some "us" time. On top of that, this is All-American week, so he has to wear the same PT uniform all day every day, and he only has one tee shirt, so I'm washing it every freakin night. He's awake long enough to take the shirt off, then I have to stay up to make sure it gets in the dryer. I'm really not even venting this morning...I just miss my husband.

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