Friday, April 26, 2013

~* There's No Crying In Crossfit *~

Bullshit. I bet there's a LOT of crying in Crossfit. I did a bit myself today.

J and I went out to SoPi since we both had the day off, and today's WOD was awful. Well, it wasn't really. I just kinda fucked it all up. 3 rounds, for time, of: 9 overhead squats, 18 kettlebell swings, 9 ring dips, 18 sledgehammer swings, and 400m sprint. So, it would have pretty much sucked anyway, but I made it a lot worse for myself.

First round in, I dropped the damn barbell. Twice.
Then, I got hung up on the ring dips. I'm a newbie, so I use a band for assistance, and I kept getting it all backwards. Lost probably 4 minutes trying to figure that shit out. There was a 20 minute time cap. I made it out the door for the sprint in the 20 minutes, but was so winded that I know it probably took me 25 altogether.

I got so mad at myself that I cried. Just a little bit, but it still happened. I know I could have, should have, done better.

"Progress is not made without struggle. Do not wish for it to be easier, wish to be better."

I will be better next time.

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