Monday, August 20, 2012

~* So Much To Do in So Little Time *~

Scratch that. Reverse it.

So little to do. Sooooo much time.

I got all the big stuff done. Groceries are stocked. The grass is cut. The liquor is bought. The bike has been started. The house has been cleaned.

Now, we wait.

I know I just posted about the waiting a few days ago. But really, that's all I do with my time. When I'm cooking or reading or watching TV or working, I'm really still just waiting. However, I did not exactly realize that there may be people who want to wait with me.

The hubs comes from a large, close-knit, Italian family. I come from a large, disconnected, dysfunctional Irish family. They talk and laugh and drink and hug. We don't. So, it just is not part of my nature to reach out with little pieces of information. I just assumed that when I talk to the MIL, word gets around. Well, you know what they say about assuming things, right. Right.

I got a Facebook message from one of his cousins today, full of questions, and I felt so freakin' guilty! I tried my best to fill her in on as much as I could, but now I'm wondering how out-of-the-loop everyone else feels and is it my job or his to fill them in?? I really don't know. I hope they don't all hate me for not keeping them up-to-date. I didn't do it intentionally.

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