Monday, May 21, 2012

~* Someone Come Over For Dinner! *~

Sigh. I really do try not to complain about my life too much. Really, I have it pretty good, all things considered. My hubs, even though he is halfway around the world, loves me more than anything, and I'm fortunate enough to say the feeling is mutual. I have two jobs to keep me occupied. I have a roof over my head, and a car to get from point A to point B. I have a dog who is always ecstatic to see me. But, I'm so tired of eating dinner alone.

To top off this recent, deep-set loneliness, my job at the gym transferred me to a different location. I accepted the offer because it's a few extra hours a week, which equals a few extra dollars in my paycheck. But it's so hard to start over, in a brand new place, with brand new people. I spent almost nine months at the other location. I got to know the members and my co-workers. They became like a second family. So, it kinda sucks. But, I guess it's really not worth complaining about. It could be a lot worse.

However, I really am tired of eating dinner alone. Yesterday, I was just flat-out fed up with it. So I posted on my Facebook "someone come over for dinner". And, in the midst of my lonely little life, I find I am fortunate that 2 of my co-workers took the time to come over and keep me company for just a little bit. I  really am lucky.

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