Monday, April 9, 2012

~* Easter Schmeaster *~

That's pretty much how I felt yesterday. I was supposed to have an early dinner with a friend of mine, but I woke up feeling just flat-out bitchy. I was PMS-ing, and completely anti-social. Last year, the hubs proposed to me on Easter. This year, he's halfway around the world. Boo.

So, to avoid spreading my misery like an Easter Scrooge, I took out my frustrations on the weights. I hit the gym, and I hit it hard. I felt better when I was done, and I am feeling it this morning =) Then, I went to work at my new second job. I went back to bartending at a little place near our home since the gym was cutting hours (because they are sooooooo overstaffed it's ridiculous). The owner cooked up a hell of a spread for the 6 of us who were there, and it was nice to feel like I was a part of something. They let me go at 11ish, and I was excited because I thought I was gonna get to Skype with the hubs. Wrong. Commo blackout. Again.

So. Screw Easter. Let's try again next year.

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