Monday, February 13, 2012

~* How Do YOU Know? *~

This week is gonna suck. No way around it. I'm going to be stuck to my husbands side until the second they yank me away from him. I'm a depressed, nervous wreck but I'm trying to keep it together. This is my time to step up to the bat and be the Army Wife that makes everyone jealous.

However, if one more person rubs my back or pats my arm and says "Don't worry, he'll be ok", I might punch someone in the face. How do YOU know he's going to be ok? How do YOU know that out of all the men injured, wounded, and KIA every day, every week, every month- how do YOU know he won't be one of them? He's not going for a jog around the block folks, and the sucky reality is that he might NOT be ok. I've accepted that. He's accepted that. It's your turn.

Don't get me wrong- I understand that it's something a lot of people say because they feel the need to say something but they don't really know what to say. Say anything else, please. Really, anything. Tell me my hair is a wreck or someone hit my car or my shoes don't match...or just tell me you'll say a prayer for him.

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  1. I Love You!! I understand how hard this is for you & I will be keeping you BOTH in my prayers!!! We don't know what will happen in the future so all we can do is to 'think happy thoughts'. Call/text anytime you need...I am always here!!!


" Don't place your better days in the future."