Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~* I Can See Clearly Now... *~

Well, not just yet, I can't. But I am finally going to the eye doctor this morning. I've had my last pair of 2 week disposable contacts in for the last 2 months- the time has come.

I didn't marry Mr. M for money or for health insurance, but I gotta admit- it's nice to know it's there. However, we both expected the health insurance for me to be a bit more comprehensive. Honestly, we expected it to be the same as it is for him. Actually, for all I know, it is the same. He's not one of those "I need to go to the doctor" types. (Meaning: He's a man) I have never heard of health insurance that will cover an eye exam, but not the part of the exam where they fit you for contacts. I've never heard of health insurance that considers contacts and glasses to be an option, unless you have a separated retina or something extreme like that. Anyone with eyes as bad as mine would know that it is most definitely NOT an option. I've heard of insurance that wouldn't cover the contacts, but never one that splits the eye exam into two separate parts. But at least I get to go, right?

It's tough trying to find a new eye doctor. Or really a new anything down here. I've gotten used to Googling reviews. That's how I found the place that cut my hair last month. They did a good job, but it was pricey. That's also how I found this eye doctor, so wish me luck!

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