Monday, May 23, 2011

~* You'll Lose the Battle with the Bottle *~

Life is full of stress, some major, most minor. A lot of it is in your perspective. I'm a hopeless optimist, so I tend to view a lot of stressors as minor. Mr. M doesn't view a lot of things as stressors period, so when he is stressed, it's always something major. He has, and this is a quote, 3 ways of dealing with stress. 1) going to the gym 2) "adult time" and 3) drinking. Sigh.

We've both been really stressed about our current financial situation lately. I don't need to expand on this subject. I've already touched on it before, and really, nobody wants to hear about anyone else's financial struggles. Saturday, I got called in to work to cover for V. until 3pm. I wasn't thrilled, because I had really been looking forward to spending the entire day with my hubby, but I didn't complain because every penny helps.

After he picked me up from work, we went to a friend's house for a small barbecue. Everyone was drinking, except the pregnant girl and the minors (of course). But nobody was drinking nearly as much as Mr. M. Instead of drinking beer like the rest of us, he downed an entire bottle of Red Stag in maybe an hour or so. The aftermath was not attractive.

Yesterday morning, I asked him about it. That's when I got the "3 stress relievers" response. I understand, better than most people, the idea behind wanting to drink your problems away. But I also know, better than most, that when it comes down to it, you'll never win the battle between you and the bottle.

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